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Guangzhou Xiaohua Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd, established in 2004, is a supplier of technical service and superior products for corrugated paperboard products. Xiaohua is one of the earliest enterprises who can supply upgrade and reform services for corrugated line users. Through reforming the corrugated line made in China mainland or Taiwan, or in Europe, USA abroad, Xiaohua has accumulated abundant experiences and formed specific products and service faith. As a technology oriented company, Xiaohua focuses on researching glue for corrugated line. All of Xiaohua products have obtained China national patent.

2004 Guangzhou Xiaohua Mechanical and Electrical Appliances Co., Ltd was established, began to research and develop full-automatic glue making system, represent and sell spare parts for corrugated machines, supply technical upgrade services for corrugated industry.    
2005 professional manufacturing contact bars, hot pressure plates(spring shoes for D/F), drainage valves and balance rolls, etc. Became OEM supplier for Hongkong and Taiwan middle/high-level corrugated lines. 
2006 developed Air Contact Bar, which can substitute traditional spring contact bars.
2007 Xiaohua full automatic glue making system gained first customer in China mainland.
2008 renamed to Guangzhou Xiaohua Packaging Machinery Co., Ltd, built specialist team, confirmed the development strategy of specialist service. Instead of economics crisis, Xiaohua opened the forestage of overall comprehensive market promotion of automatic glue making system. 
2009 introduced Air Shoes and Air Contact Bar to market which formed ELS system (Ever-load-system) together.
2010 Xiaohua glue making system came into series, such as XH-Q、XH-1000、XH-2000、XH-3000 etc. Which owned more and more customers.
2012 introduced Cylinder Pressure Plate to the market.
2013 introduced XHYH-2000 pre-mixed type full-automatic Glue Making System to the market.
2015 introduced Double-system Fast Glue Making System.

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